Teleties - Small

1. Big Easy
2. Scarlet Red
3. Hearty Party
4. Sweetie Pie
5. Leopard Love
6. Crystal Clear
7. Snow Leopard
8. Millenial Pink
9. Think Pink
10. Coconut White
11. Jet Black
12. Washed denim
13. Punchy
14. Checked out
15. Rainbow Rope
16. Shore Thing
17. Matte Black
18. Cold brew
19. Upstage beige
20. For the love of matte

 Best for any hair type! Comes in a pack of 3! 

Benefits: water resistant! strong grip. looks cute in your hair and on your wrist!

Reduces: headaches, damage, and creases in your hair.

Completely shrinkable!! Place in a dish filled with hot water if they appear stretched out!